Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!


With time every seed must grow. The Word of God tells us that we must have faith the size of a mustard seed (Matt. 17:20). You must start with a very small measure of faith in God, but that faith must grow. Faith seems easy, but it involves a great deal trust in God. You must trust His plan even when you do not know what it is. You have to trust in who God has created you to be. You must also trust or have faith in the fact that you are equipped to do or be just what He has planned. Have you ever thought, it is quite possible that all God has been doing in your life thus far is planting and harvesting. As we go through the wilderness experience we sometimes think that God is not here or that He has forgotten us. Have you ever considered that God is a farmer? He had to first get the foundation right which means He had to get rid of all the rocks of offence (I Peter 2: 8) and thorns in the foundation of your heart (Matt 13:22). He had to get rid of all the wrong beliefs that got caught up in your belief system. Basically, He had to till the ground of your heart to prepare you for what is to come. I am a strong believer in the fact that God is a teacher who teaches by application. We want to get the lesson in theory (presumption-not in experience). In other words we don’t want to go through nothing. We want to just experience the good of life, but it is also the hardships of life that really wheels the character of God in us. God has been making us practice what we have been taught, so that it will be perfected in us to such a degree that we will prosper and bear fruit that will remain. By being obedient to the call we yield ourselves to the will and perfect plan of God for our lives. Growing a seed is a process that is not always easy; it takes time. Image the challenge God has while nurturing you, especially when you do not have the faith in Him or in yourself. Having faith the size of a mustard seed is a never ending process. Why? Because that mustard seed MUST grow! It cannot stay a mustard seed forever. I have come to realize that my life is a timeless seed growing, and growing and growing. I must truly master the understanding of James who said let patience have her perfect work (James 1:4). So, have peace in the midst of the storm knowing that you are a timeless seed; still growing. We must be anxious for nothing, allowing God to do the work in us that takes a life time.

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