Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

A call on your life is not the something you receive when or after you become saved. A calling is who you are. It was from birth that the Word of God sealed who you are. The gift of who you are comes without repentance; that is what the scripture tells us in Romans 11:29. In other words you are who you are whether you repent and choose to walk in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Your purpose was woven in you by the hand of God from the very beginning of time. God tells Jeremiah that He (God) knew him before Jeremiah was form in his mother’s womb. You must choose to walk in righteousness which means to walk in obedience to the Laws and Statues of the Kingdom of God. Your purpose for do it is for the up building of God’s Kingdom. You can also choose not to walk in the ordinance of God and have to suffer the same fate as Satan. By being birthed into this world you have been give the responsibility to help your brothers and sisters find their way back home. It is just that simple. You have been equipped with all the necessary tools to do the job from the day that you were born. I am sure that you have heard people talk about building God’s Kingdom. The building of God Kingdom is to bring us back to man’s original heavenly position that started in the Garden. It is the desire of God to walk with us as He first walked with Adam. God desires that intimate relationship with each of us. The very biggest desire of God’s heart is that no man goes to hell. We are in a constant state of choosing; choosing to walk in righteousness and not in unrighteousness. Satan, himself had to choose and he chose disobedience. There is no devil vs. God. If there was that would mean that both Satan and God possess great power. Some say that Satan has power because he does what he does to the people of God. The truth of the matter is Satan only draws from man the spiritual power that God has given you; through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Satan cannot even steal the power God has given you. He can only usurp or assume this power when you release it to him by your beliefs, confessions, and actions that are displayed contrary to God’s Laws. The only way he can destroy the vision God has for each person is to influence you into thinking of speaking against the vision God has for you. He can only kill the hope for eternal life through the influence of sin. If he can influence you to sin you make a choice right then which gives him a portion of your power. He then continues to manipulate that influence until you are so far out of alignment with your original purpose. The more you disobey God the more of your power you lose. This makes Satan look like he has some power but it is all usurped power from those that walk in unbelief, fear and all manner of dishonor to God. This is the plan of the enemy from the beginning (in the Garden) and never, ever, changes! Your purpose has been sealed by the blood of the Lamb; you only need to talk in obedience to God’s plan for you. This is your purpose in life. This is your calling.

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