Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

This is a Word from the Lord that I wrote in my journal May 27th, 2010. The Lord spoke to me one day and said for me to reread my journal form last year. He told me to do a year in review. As I read through there were some amazing words from the Lord, which changed my life then and is still changing me today. This word that I am about to share with you just kept coming back to me. I could feel the anointing of God coming from this word. This word was brewing in my spirit for two days back then. Today, I have not been able to let it go for about a week. I wanted to share this with you. And I quote…

“I feel so strong in my spirit that God is doing something. Things are being orchestrated on our behalf. There is movement in the spirit realm for each us. Each item we are standing believing God for is a very direct result of promises to nations, which God has spoken. God has given all into our hands (Matthew 5:5). I am literally feeling the movement of God in my belly. It is done! All that we have been asking for is DONE! Doors that are closed and should be open are opening now and doors that have been opened and should be closed are closing now. God is strategically placing us in position to give us the spoil of darkness. Those who have prospered by God’s unfailing Word while walking in totally rebellion will have to give up everything they have gained and more. Be still (in your faith) things are happening around us. Don’t move. Just continue to walk in obedience and prepare for the hand of God is upon you. The blessings we are receiving are eternal and are being carefully laid at our feet; simply to prosper us beyond our imagination and for the Glory of God. The deepest and inner most secrets of God are being revealed to us for such a time as this. This is the end of times. We have to disconnect our views, emotions, understandings, and beliefs from the Matrix (the earthly realm). For we are born again, again…..In the spirit realm. “Very soon it will be nothing to command the intangible of the spirit realm into the tangible of this realm” sayeth the Lord. “See everything through the eyes of the spirit. All will be revealed soon.”

I can clearly see how heaven is moving; working out everything on our behalf. I can see in the spirit that things have been completed. What is the timing for them to manifest in this dimension? That is a question for the Father. When I saw movement in the spirit, what I was seeing was the words of our confessions being moved around by angels. Time in this dimension is so very slow compared to the time in the spirit; it is extremely fast. There is no measurement for it.” This is a season to trust God with all that you have. Do not focus on the how and the when God will release your blessings. Just simply walk in the faith knowing that He will release your needs in its proper timing. “God is faithful to His Word” is a saying that I have heard for years. Here is the truth about that saying; He is faithful to His Word because He is His Word. When the blessings of the Lord are manifested in your life, that is God literally releasing a portion of Himself to you. How blessed is that!



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