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What is an Assignment from the Lord?

For years I hear people talk about having an assignment form the Lord. I assumed I understood what that really meant, but I did not. I did not understand fully. I thought it was something of yourself that you are giving to another. I realized that an assignment is something you must learn from as well as give too. It is a teaching tool. With an assignment you learn about you more than you are helping others solve their problems or change their spiritual perceptions. The word assign which is the base word of assignment means to have a task. Whenever you have a task no matter how complex; you learn from that task. You gain knowledge about that task on an intimate level. The longer you are involved with the task, the more you learn. You begin to understand the inner workings of the task. In the midst of it all, you learn about yourself; your levels of tolerance (temperance), patience (longsuffering), peace, goodness, faith meekness, gentleness, love and joy. These are all fruits of the spirit that will manifest in abundance (Galatians 5:22). You can only bare these spiritual fruits when you have a full measure of the Spirit of God flowing through you; which is God’s Character. God’s character is wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord (Isaiah 11:2). With every task (assignment), God is trying to grow these fruits in you on consistent basics. God is looking for the branches (of the true vine John 15:1-3) that will bring forth fruit that will remain. This fruit will not only affect generations to come but it will be able to sustain eternity with Him.

When we are assigned to a person, we are assigned to the gateway or doorway of the city of their soul. The city of a man’s soul is simply the core of their being. We are to take a spiritual position or posture of prayer; defending the gates. Anyone or anything that is inside the city gates which does not belong will be cast out and none will enter in that does not belong. We stand in the gap or gateway providing spiritual protection for their soul especially when they can’t defend or protect themselves. While we do so, we are being stretched and strengthen to grow, baring good fruit for the Father. The Word assign in Hebrew has many variations of the act of giving as the meaning of the word. The most significant understanding of the word assigned is where we give the gift of God to the person or task we are assigned to. Our service to God (ministry) is to give of the gift that is in us to others, simply because we cannot add anything to God for He is perfect. We are only being open vessels, releasing God’s Love, grace, and tender mercies to the receiver. While doing so we are being pruned, stretched, and strengthened to bare the fruits require for the assignment. Some assignments may need more love than patience, others may require more gentleness than faithfulness.

Identify your assignment whether it is your job, people or a person in your life. Your assignment will be drawn to you and you will be drawn to them, for the purpose of intercession; standing in the gap. God will never give you an assignment that you cannot bear. For example; God would not give you an assignment to preach in a bar if you are a recovering addict still in recovery. You must use wisdom. You will know when a person is NOT your assignment, when the doorway or incidents of access are closed. In other words, you can’t seem to get the opportunity to sow a seed in their lives or water a seed already sown. No matter how much you think that you can help that person, if they are not ready to receive then they are not ready. You must know your place and simply back off. You may do more harm than good pressing the issue. The door is not open to you. In some cases, it is not a matter of whether or not you can help them it may be that God does not want you to be the person to assist. In the same respect you cannot run your assignment. If God has assigned a person or place to you, you cannot run. You are only wasting valuable time; just like Jonah did. Jonah ran from the city which he was to blow the trumpet of truth into only to have to go right back to the city and declare the Word of God to the whole nation. It was pointless for him to run. It was a part of his destiny to speak that word to the people. He had to do it. I have found that it is so much easier to just do as God has commanded than to run around trying to figure out a way not to. The assignment is more for you than for the receiver of the gift that is in you. As you release the glory that you are a carrier of the more of His Glory you will be able to take in. You are actually growing; spiritually. Jonah came to the revelation that if he did not proclaim God’s Word millions would have lost their lives. Be lead by the Holy Spirit and you will always be clear on who and what your assignment is.

Galatians 5:22
Joshua 20:8
II Samuel 11:6
Isaiah 11:2-3
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