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Giving and receiving, does God require a balance?

Are you a spiritual enabler?

How to identify a receiver who has become a taker?

 God is the God of seed time and harvest time. From the
creation of the world it was so. God spoke and all became. Because that is how we
were created; we too are sower and reapers. We are to do just like God did. We are
to sow to the spirit and reap in the natural. With every thought we think and
word we speak; we are sowing in the spirit. Everything we see is a manifestation
of that sown seed, which is the harvest. There is always a proper balance of
the two; even when it does not feel like it. God created us to be both givers
and receivers. You cannot be more of one than the other or you will enter into

The Constant Giver

You are a constant giver when you never want to receive or
never seem to be in the position of being given something; so you resolve to being
the giver. Most constant givers will use the scripture in Acts 20:35 to justify
their constant giving. Please don’t get me wrong it is better to give than to
receive; especially when you are giving to someone who seems to be in lack.
However, even the one who is in lack must at some point gain strength in order
to continue to run this race called life.

I am reminded of the plight of a butterfly. When it is in the
cocoon, it is at its weakest point in life. In the cocoon, it is undergoing a transformation
process by which it can live on with great strength for the rest of its life.
If that process is disturbed by a giver who wants to help it out of the cocoon
before it is time it will remain in that weaken state. It will not be able to
sustain the course of its life. The butterfly was not able to gain muscle in
the time of struggle. The struggle to get out of the self made cocoon gives
strength to the muscular and vascular system of the butterfly. These systems
sustain its life and promote the vibrancy of the colors of its wings; not to
mention the power of the force it takes to fly. By trying to be the constant
giver you cause an insufficiency in the constant receiver (or taker) and in
you. You cause a deficit in you because you develop a god complex (attempting
to take the place of the creator in someone’s life) which is a sin called
idolatry. Whether this is intentional or not, when you block God’s opportunity
to bless or keep someone it is idolatry. The person will constantly depend on
your giving and not God’s plan of provision. It is good to give but you must
have a balance. “A little struggle builds character”, have you ever heard that
saying before? As a constant giver you are enabling the constant receiver’s
deficiency to trust God. They become stagnated, spiritually underdeveloped,
spiritually immature and excessively dependent; ever lacking and full of
excuses. Bottom line they no longer are receivers; but they become takers. When
you are constantly giving you are remiss in the observation that the balance of
sowing and reaping are ineffective in your life. Givers can only see where you
are giving out. Givers are blind to how God is giving back to them. So, the
Giver resolves to their giving status; so to the point they never learn how to
receive. Constant Givers always decline gifts or random acts of kindness. Whether they are at home or in public they feel unworthy of receiving. They believe the
lie that they are to always give and never receive. They believe that this is
the will of God and it is better this way. This is the manifestation of the god
complex. The Constant Giver feels as if they cannot be added too; that is a lie
and a sin.  That belief inhibits the Law of Reciprocity (sowing and reaping) which is a Law of Heaven. As the Constant Giver, many times you wonder when God is going to give to you. You look for the
gifts of God to come in a special or specific package. God is trying to bless
you one way and you keep looking in another direction. You must learn how to
receive the Glory of God the way that He gives it. It is not a weakness to

The Constant Receiver turn Taker

In this balance of being a Giver and Receiver it is fair to
warn the Constant Receiver to be careful of one thing; become a Taker. You will
know one who was once a balanced Receiver and became a Taker when they display
the following characteristics. The Receiver turn Taker never gives, simply
because they perceive themselves as having nothing to give or they get
comfortable with always receiving. The Receiver turn Taker will always have
excuses as to why they are not able to produce anything for themselves or
others. They become full of excuses. The sad thing about a Receiver turn Taker
is they never grow spiritually. They remain weak minded and spiritually
malnourished. They make strong attempts at many things but never follow
through. Pity parties become their claim to fame. They make it emotionally
impossible to tell them NO. When a Constant Giver enables this behavior the Receiver
turn Taker never grows.

It is a part of the Salvation Birthing Process to balance
giving and receiving. It builds and strengthens the character of God in each of
us. When you are a Giver or a Receiver only, it hinders the flow of God in your
life as an excessive giver. You hinder the promise God gives when He says give
and it shall be given back to you good measure press down shaken together
running over shall men give unto your bosom (Luke 6:38). This same scripture
applies to the excessive receiver. If you never give, you stop the flow of
heaven in your life. You should be giving in order to receive. Constant Givers
help Constant Receivers (or Takers) grow by simply saying no sometimes; even when it seems like a desperate time for the Constant Receiver. Say no and be
okay with it. Constant Receivers take charge of your life and spiritual
development by developing one area of your life at a time. You achieve this by
changing your perception of that one area of your life and move on to the next.

Rest a sure that excessiveness in both giving and receiving
creates bondage on both ends and a poverty mindset. A poverty mindset is a
mindset of lack.

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