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Tolerate!  Tolerate! We tolerate the adversary. The adversary has done his job and well in the lives of the children of God.  This has to stop.  I have heard countless times when the people of God would say how they are sick and are waiting on the Lord to heal them.  God has already done the healing of every person on the face of the earth.  No one has to be sick or diseased if they do not want to be. You have to come into the understanding of who you are in order to command your body to obey the Word of God.   

I started to feel sick with cold like symptoms.  I rebuke the adversary and kept on moving.  Well the symptoms kept on coming.  In fact, they began to show up not just in myself but in my boys as well.  I rebuked the spirit of infirmity. I then went to the Father to ask why this sickness is here.  I asked the Lord a couple of times.  Finally the Lord said, “I allowed it”.  I then said ok if the Lord allowed it then so be it.  As the symptoms continued to get worse, I had to ask the Lord why He allowed sickness in my house (my body).  I began to reason with in myself and I thought maybe because I had sinned in some way which opened the door to the adversary.  Maybe the Lord allowed it because I was too focused on getting the books out that I had not been spending the time with Him I needed to in the Word.  I even thought this must be the Lord giving me rest.  How spiritually immature was I to think such things.

Well, after being a little fed up, I called my prayer partner. My prayer partner began to pray this thunderous prayer on my behalf.  I listened, said amen sparsely as my throat was soar and I had to speak with care.  Immediately, I heard the Lord say to me again that He had allowed the invasion and that the next day I would be whole.  I have to say that I was still very perplexed as to the reason why the Father had allowed the stronghold to invade my vessel.  Something that my prayer partner said hit my spirit with profound clarity, conviction, and awareness.   She spoke to the adversary and told him that he would not be tolerated. 

I was in thought on those words for the remainder of the day until this morning as I am writing this.  The Lord told us that when He got on the Cross that with the stripes they gave Him we were healed.  We as Christians (Christ followers) believe in the Cross but not in the power of it.  We stand and declare the salvation that God granted to us but not the power.  This reminds me of the scripture where the Lord said that people would get the Word but deny the power of it (II Timothy 3:5).  We have been for years since the Cross and resurrection of the Lord tolerating the adversary and his tactics to keep us from the Lord. 

We have been tolerating sickness and disease.  We have been tolerating lack.  We have been tolerating division. We have been tolerating the strongholds of the adversary for far too long!  The Lord God gave us power over the adversary that we may never have to tolerate him again.  We have kingship that we do not take ownership of.  We have authority that we do not know how to stand in.  We have the very Kingdom of Heaven at our beck and call.  We do not even know who we are to be able to obtain it.  We have legions of angels that will be dispatched at a spoken word.  We have so much that can literally change the dynamics of the universes for the building of God’s Kingdom.  We have missed the opportunity to reign with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord’s because we do not see the fullness of His Glory. 

We have wasted enough time tolerating the adversary! We declare that he has no power but do we understand the power that we have?  If we don’t then that renders us powerless also.  We do not battle with the adversary of our souls we battle with the ignorance of who we are.  We think that if we get the house, the car and the kids we have made it.  There is so much more than the riches of this world.  There is so much more.  We have tolerated the adversary to long it is time to stop right now!  If you are in the mist of some situation that has rendered you void of the characteristics of God, TOLERATE the adversary NO MORE!  If you are not baring the Fruit of the Spirit of God, TOLERATE the adversary NO MORE!  Seek to know who you are in the Lord.  Seek to obtain your true authority over the adversary.  Seek to know your true power. Seek to know the fine print of you inheritance.

We have been in bondage too long because of the lack of our understanding of who we are.  We are like caged birds.  When the cage is opened (The Cross) the birds does not know enough about flying to know that they are free!  You are FREE child of God!

While I was ill, I began to take cold meds and additional vitamins to sooth the symptoms. I began to tolerate the adversary.  I believe this was why the Lord allowed the sickness to come because He wanted me to see all the areas in my life that I tolerated the adversary. I have the power to command that he be removed from every area of my life.  Tolerate the adversary no more!  No sickness or disease belongs to you, stop tolerating it! Not even the common cold. 

How can you be a warrior and not know your power! How can you go into battle and not know that you have the ability to overtake the adversary! I am a warrior, but not against the adversary.  I am a warrior against the lack of knowledge facing the people of God.  How can you be a King or Queen in the Kingdom of God and not know that you have the scepter within your hand to command your portion of the Kingdom! We have to come into the knowledge of who we are and our position in heavenly places.  We have to take God at His Word and believe just what it says.  The adversary is but a small pawn in this race to grace.  There is only an illusion of power in him, for Jesus Himself said I beheld satan as lightening falling from heaven (Luke 10:18).  The adversary was stripped a long time ago.  Since the Cross we have been doing nothing but tolerating the powerless pawn.  It is over! I have made a choice not to tolerate him any longer, but stand in my power by receiving the gift of my salvation (Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding)……….Selah.

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