Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

I have for so many years heard people say “I am standing in faith believing God that He would do this or that”.  This thought is contrary to the Word of God. God did not tell us to stand in faith. God said “Faith without works is dead”. It is time to move out of your stance (stance means to have an attitude and/or position on something) of faith and begin to take “Maximum Action” for your situation.  I got this word “Maximum Action” from my dear friend as the Lord spoke to her about her situation; she realized that she had been standing in Faith waiting for God to move.  I realized that we all have been waiting for God to do what He has already done. 

The work is finished. After working for six day God said “It is finished”. Jesus said on the cross “it is finished”. The work has been done for us to receive all that God had for us from the time of Adam.  Yes. Adam messed up, but Jesus came to restore the torn relationship between man and God.  The work is done!  We now only need to call forth what we have need of. Make the declaration and begin to move in faith.  We have to be in the knowing that God has finished the work, Jesus has finished the work.

Have you taken the maximum action in your situation? Is there something that you can do to move forward in the plan that you have declared before all of heaven and all of earth?  Have you established “Maximum Action”? What else is there to do to make what you need come to past?

What is your attitude about your situation? You must reposition yourself in faith. Take a look at what you have believed God for and reposition your attitude about it. Stop looking for God to give or do what He has already given and done for you. Stop standing in faith, let faith and Maximum Action start working together.  You are waiting on God and God is waiting on you.

Make a list of what you have been standing in faith for and begin to right a “to do” list next to it.  Begin to do all that you can do and watch God add to your natural realm the supernatural of His realm. Create an atmosphere of faith around what you believe God for. When you have done all that you can do Praise God for the increase. You must be in a mode of praise at the point of declaration, because when you are declaring it is spiritual.  Everything begins in the spirit realm. Once you have sown the seed of declaration in the spirit, praise God. Take know other report but the report of the Lord as the answer to your situation.

It does not matter what the problem is, it is never too late if you move in faith. No matter what the situation is you must know that it is going to work out, so don’t let doubt come in. Do not come into agreement with the fruit of doubt which comes from the stronghold spirit of fear.

You have to have substance in order to move in faith.  Nothing moves without a charge or some form of energy to get it going. A car cannot move without gas. We as humans cannot move without the fuel of food and water.  It is the very same thing for your soul and spirit it cannot move without food.  The food that your soul and spirit need is the Word of God.  You have to be full of the Word so that it will fuel your faith to move.  Standing still is not fruitful. Put out the fire of doubt with the consuming fire of Faith. Remember FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD!!!! James 2:20

What must I do to fuel Faith and cause movement! How can I Maximize My Actions?

This is what it takes to move in the realm of impossibility with the Lord.



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