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I asked the Lord, “Why do I still have issues of infirmity in my body?”  The issues that I am having are nothing that hurts all the time but it presents me as one who is not whole. Jesus said that He did not come for the ones who are well but for the ones who are sick.  He died and rose for me to be whole and that is what I want to be. I heard the Lord say very clearly, “disobedience”.  I was in a way shocked. I asked, “How, Lord”?  I do my best to live right and not to come in agreement with the adversary in any way.  How am I disobedient?  I asked the Lord to talk to me about it.  The Lord said, “When we do not follow His direct instructions we are in disobedience”.  I realized at that moment I was very disobedient.  The Lord gave me a command at the beginning of the year. I have not been 100% faithful in my commitment to the Lord. I guess you have to learn being in a relationship with God means you have to do EXACTLY what He instructs you to do.  God desires that you follow His instruction to the letter, especially if you say “yes, I will do it”. You must understand that you have just committed yourself to the creator of all things. 

It does not matter what changes in your life you must stay committed to Him first! I began to think of other areas that I had not obeyed His Word EXACTLY and the list began to grow.  We must obey God’s Word, Statues, Commandments, and His Laws.  This is how the spirit realm was formed and how it exists today.  It is only the shed blood of Jesus Christ that saves us from being wiped out when we disobey God. If we were in the early biblical days, the things we do and feel as if we have gotten away with them, we would be dead and judged eternally. Jesus shed blood is protecting saved and unsaved God says in the Word that both saved and unsaved come up to Him as a fragrance to Him.  One fragrance is unto death and the other unto life (II Corinthians 2:15-16). We have been tolerating lack, sickness, disease, fear and all of the results of strongholds spirits, because we believe that if we are not obedient God will give you grace. The fact of the matter is that you are experiencing those strongholds because of your disobedience. You may think that God is going to just let it go, but this is not the case. Maybe you don’t feel like doing something that He instructed you to do or maybe you did other things and now when it is time for you to do what He asked you’re tired. Maybe someone got in the way of you doing what you were told to do or maybe you became fearful of doing what He has asked thinking you don’t have the potential.  You are still in disobedience and because of it you are open. You are open to the sin and you are open to the adversary. The adversary now sees a reflection of himself in you. The scripture God gave me was I Samuel 15:22, as I read this familiar scripture I also saw I Samuel 15:29 it became clear to me this is the reason all strongholds have not loosed their hold on me. I began to think about “the process”.  The process is real. What is “The Process”? It is what God does to all the chosen to build their capacity for more of Him. The parts of “The process” is being broken, emptied, and stripped. During each step in the process you must master the most important thing and that is obedience.  God gives us ways to get out of the process but we must obey God’s voice. To tell you the truth the process is the way out. You must sit and think on this. This is only revelation from and with the Holy Spirit.  God said in His word that when the adversary comes in like a flood, He will lift up a standard against him. God says this because He knows how much of the process we can take.  He also said that when we are tempted of the adversary He would give us a way of escape.  You have to understand that the temptation is the way out of your situation.  You are not to fall for the temptation but with unshakable faith shut it down.

We have tolerated our position because we believe that we are being nobly positioned to stand in a place of sacrifice to bring us closer to God. The way to get closer to God is through obedience to all of His Word, not just the parts that make you natural life convenient but to the parts that makes your spiritual life solid and firm. He tells us in the Word to build our hopes on things eternal. Many people take that to mean live right here on earth in hopes to live eternally in heaven, do most things right here in hopes to live eternally with Christ. No! God is not saying that we are to be living according to all of His word right now! It is just like the Pharisees (and the like) they did not believe the Messiah had come. Many are living their lives like He had not come, while declaring that He has and that He is the Savior of their soul. The moment we come into the knowledge of His statues, commands, and laws of the spirit, we must obey. It is disobedience that has clogged the pipes of our blessing and kept us in a place of profound lack not just in the natural but in the spirit.  We must change our lives by making better choices to obey God. Ask God where you missed Him and repent.  Ask God to place you back on track by giving you a plan of escape. When He does obey! If He does not give you a plan right away go back and do what He told you last that obedience may open the door to the release of the next assignment. Make a decree to tolerate the adversary’s deceptions no more. Pray that everything that was decreed in error be canceled. Additionally, pray that every area of disobedience be exposed, repent and make moves of change “to obey is better than sacrificing” your inheritance. NO matter how crazy or out of the norm it sounds do what God says, not just for the benefit of natural restoration but for the restoration of the relationship you must have with the Lord in order to make it to your heavenly home. Remember, God’s Word has very little to do with the natural realm, it benefits it a lot of the time but it is spiritual.  We have to watch for “minor infractions” of abuse in the area of obedience. The infractions maybe minor to you, but they are counted big in heaven.

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