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Prayer of Power


We don’t get it! We say that prayer is powerful, but have we been praying right? We say that prayer changes things, but what has our prayers been saying? Has our prayers been pleading with God to change our situation or have they been prayers of POWER and AUTHORITY, commanding our situation to change {Hebrews 4:16}. Are the prayers in the position of POWER or in the position of a victim? Do we know who we are REALLY! Do we really know that we have access through Jesus to the whole universe? Are you still trying to conquer your community, but seeing no change?
I am finally in a place that I understand the vastness of our POWER through Jesus Christ. We have the POWER of PRAYER to change whole nations. This POWER is only released to those who go through the Salvation Birthing Process. What is the Salvation Birthing Process you ask? It is the process by which you are truly saved. I speak about this in great detail in my book ‘Walking Out Clean’. Every other Christian in the world is a Matthew 7:22 Christian. They have NO true authority. If that upset you then you must check yourself. Jesus cannot and will not release the fullness of His promise of POWER to those who do not have a broken and contrite heart before Him. We sit meditating on how we can believe God for the smallest of things not understanding that God already said No good thing will He withhold from me, you, us who walk upright before Him {Psalms 84:11}. We can only see the fullness of the POWER of God when we complete the process. Many people hope they are going to heaven; they don’t know it, because they are not in relationship with God. They may say that they know that they are going, but do they really know it in their heart. When you leave the matrix you are already in heaven. What is the Matrix? It is the earth and all manner of fleshly forms it takes on that causes us to have a need to be born again. I realize that I am not going to heaven someday; I am there today. God is still using me to gather the remainder of His chosen. The moment you are disconnected from the world’s operations [the Matrix] you become a citizen of heaven; with all the rights, authority, power and provisions of an heir to the Kingdom of Heaven. We are like angels here on earth with much POWER and DOMINION far exceeding the authority and power of the angels both in heaven and in hell.
Sincerely Selah…
Demetrica Mathews

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