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What is an open heaven?



In my search for the answer to the question what is an open heaven? I found that in Genesis 1:20 the first mention of an open heaven was spoken of. The firmament that was spoken of is a visible portion of heaven. Firmament in Hebrew pronounced raw-kee-ah means fixed and steadfast (unwavering). Everything moves in a synchronized movement controlled by God. Those who move with the movement or frequency of heaven; heaven is open to them. Those who disobey the command movement or fall out of sync are not in agreement with the heart of God. All of heaven moves at the beat of God’s heart because out of the abundance of His heart His mouth speaks. God spoke all of creation into existence. The Word of God we read and the things we see in this 3rd realm are spoken by God. God gave us a choice to stay in sync with the beat of His heart which is the beat of heaven. When we are in sync heaven and all of creation is open to us.

Our choices and the condition of our heart control the frequency that we move. Everyone is operating at a different frequency. Your faith determines if you are in tuned with the frequency and the beat of heaven. Frequency is a repetition of sound. It is to continue or repeat. The heart of man is the life of man. The heart is the only organ in the body that perpetuates continuous sound. The heart has a frequency. The heart speaks to heaven and tells it what you need on your behalf. What is your heart telling heaven? Is your heart in sync with the heart of heaven? How does your heart become in sync with heaven? It becomes in sync by filling it with the Word of god. The Word of God is the repeated movement of heaven. We must be in sync with God, all of heaven and earth. Sync means to be in perfect harmony having a harmonious relationship with God. This is what God is after. God wants to have a harmonious relationship with us again as He did with Adam in the beginning. This relationship must be pure and holy void of adultery; having nothing in common with darkness. God truly is a God of longsuffering. Now, the word tells us that a thousand years is like a day to the Lord (2 Peter 3:8-9). We spend so much time trying to figure out how to get what we want from God, but never trying to find out what God has wanted all along from us. God did not want Adam to eat from the tree because the act of it would display selfishness and adultery against God. The act would be a reflection of Satan signifying separation from God.

Many time sinners are depicted as caged birds, which have been in bondage for so long that they don’t realized that they are free. The door (Jesus) has been opened and we have already been restored back to our rightful place with God. Our mind set must change and we have to get a spiritual bath (total spiritual cleansing). A spiritual bath is a washing of your heart by getting rid of offenses, your soul being free from all wounds, and your mind set being renewed all with the Word of God.

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