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Thanksgiving…..I Love U’s


Today is thanksgiving….when I woke up this morning I felt the perfection of God’s Love in my heart and soul. It was a whole new facet of God’s love that I was enjoying. I cried out, “I love You God, I love You Jesus. I love You Holy Spirit”. I realized that for months as God has been releasing revelation, God has been trying to show the love that He has for me through the revelations that He has shown me. It is more than revelation; it is more than the small things we ask Him for. It is His Love. He wants us to never ever separate ourselves from His love. His love is unwavering, unconditional and full of bounty (provision). His love spreads over every need, hurt, and disappointment. He will never leave us without that love, for He is that Love. He has vowed to never to leave us nor forsake us and He wants to make sure we hold fast to that same vow towards Him. I finally get it! God does want to give us the World and He already has. We have not realized that we have through Jesus Christ inherited all that we will ever need in the world and more right now. We can only receive it all through faith and in Love. Through the door/portal of faith, in the love of Jesus Christ, in the midst of God’s Glory (who is Jesus) is the Love and compassion. When God blesses us it is with love, compassion, and the desire of our hearts. I felt such a strong pull to share not just thanksgiving but to also spread the unconditional Love of God to family and friends. So, today I wanted to do something a little different. People say often that every day is thanksgiving and I agree, but I also believe that God allowed these times of the year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) for families to stop and say I LOVE YOU! Stop their busy lives and say I love you because…. Today I release my thoughts of ministry, home, transitions and all of my daily meditations to stop and say I Love You. I am not thankful only today, I am in Love. I am in Love because I am in Jesus Christ and He is in me. I am in God who is Love and He is in me. I am in Love and He is in me.

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