Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

Have you found your destiny?


Many people search all over for an understanding of their destiny and purpose, consistently searching for what they were created to do in this life. Well, I want you to know that you are walking in your destiny right now. If life is really hard and you feel like you made a wrong turn; rest and be assured that you have not made a wrong turn in life.  See, God is allowing your current position to make you. He is forming your destiny right now. Much like a perfect recipe or a perfect football game, you must have all the right ingredients. What you are going through right now is pulling out the best and worst parts of you, so that when you are done the destiny God ordained for you from the begin will in fact be completed. Sometimes we get stuck in the making process and think that this is the best it is going to get. That is not the truth or the heart of God towards you. God is preparing in you a royal status by spiritual standards. You must learn how to become a king or a queen because this is the inheritance you have through Jesus Christ. You must get to the point in this process of believing in your royal status. When you believe it God will move you on in the process and your path to the completion of your destiny will become much clearer. Realize that you are right in the middle of your destiny there are no coincidences. There is purpose for absolutely everything. Begin to seek God through His Word, pray, and have a time of quiet meditation on who you are in Him. In the time that you spend in the presence of the Lord you will begin to see a cultivation of your relationship with the Lord. It is in Him that you will find you are already on your destiny’s journey and you will learn to maximize the experience. You must learn from all that you go through to see how God’s hand has been moving all along in this journey.  You must realize this is your journey now matter what it looks like it is making you. Trust that what you are facing is in fact the salvation birthing process for which you have received an eternal inheritance. Remember, what you are going through is only a process to perfect your spiritual royal status.

Keep pressing forward in God through Jesus Christ.

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