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Double Mindedness

Being double minded is having a divided interest. Doubting God’s ability within you to do what He has predestined you to do is an example of being double minded. In the fulfillment of His promise to you, He gives you the authority to command and access all of the heavenly blessing that you inherited through Jesus Christ.

Purify your heart of all spiritual adultery. How have you committed spiritual adultery? Keeping your mind on your finances, your children and their choices, your job, your house and other earthly concerns instead of staying focused on what God has promised to you. Upholding everything in this earthly realm to a higher esteem than heavenly things that are waiting for me to take hold of right now is a form of adultery in the spirit.

Doubt is a fruit of the stronghold spirit of fear. Double mindedness is as a direct result of doubt.  When a person is displaying double mindedness they are in doubt about what they are believing God for. Doubt is the key to double mindedness and fear is the door.

Double mindedness comes when the person has believed for something and they don’t see the hand of God move in their timing.  They begin to take it upon themselves to make the situation work out. Confess your doubt to God as sin and assume the first step conquering doubt and double mindedness.

 A person of true faith must believe even when the circumstances appear to be contrary. You as the believer must see only what faith says and work towards that with action. Whose report will you believe? Will it be the report of your situation or the report of the Lord? The report of the Lord says that He will never leave you or forsake you. The report of the Lord says He will supply all of your needs according to His riches in Glory.  The report of the Lord says that you will never beg for bread.  Immerse yourself in the belief that God knows just where you are and He will show you the way out.

The power to see God’s hand move in your life is within you. Speak to it in absolute authority and see the fruit of your words come to pass.

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