Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

Christ came to give us life and life more abundantly (John 10:10).  Abundance is immeasurable. He came to give us immeasurable life.  Abundance cannot be measured; there is no increment of time, liquid, solid, force, or space that can measure abundance.  It is plenty, it is more than enough, and it is far beyond.  He did not come that we would be stiff, old, without movement, and without life.  If you don’t have Christ, you don’t have life. There is no life outside of God. You have to understand that He has come to give you life and life more abundantly.  It is not the will of the Lord for us to sit and parish. We have been sitting wait upon Him to do a thing that He has given us power and authority to do.  The Authority is within us. We have to change our mindset and our actions that tell us that abundant life is waiting on God to move. God has said numerous times behold I have given unto you Power. He has given you power and authority to speak those things to deal with the issues of life. Not just the issues in our lives but the issues in the lives of others such as the life of our flock, who is those whom God has assigned to us from the foundation of the earth to encourage righteousness.  Just as God commissioned the disciples, they went out two by two, but they had a flock assigned to them. God strategic planned for each of them to go into a certain region and handle the business of the Kingdom. God wants us to understand our position. What is your position in the Kingdom? Your position in the Kingdom is absolute authority to do what it takes to draw souls.  We need to understand our position in the kingdom. You cannot take your proper position in the Kingdom if you do not understand how the Kingdom works. If we don’t understand what we have dominion over we will not know how to reign appropriately. You will not find in the history of the United States of America a person of foreign nation become president over our nation. It could not be because; we have to understand what we have rule over before we can rule. Neither the US government nor any other country will allowed a person from another country to come and rule over their country.  The foreigner would not understand the culture or how the government is run. Even in the early biblical days no kingdom allowed some foreign person to rule over their kingdoms unless they were over take. You have to know your Kingdom. you have to know what you have rule over and understand it.  A manger, any supervisor or director when they take over another department they have to take the time to get to know their department and how it works in the facility for which they work. Then they should get to know the employees, who they have rule or reign over who they are responsible for authority comes with responsibility.  Authority is not “let me tell you what to do” authority is not only comes with the responsibility to protect it comes with the responsibility to serve, teach, educate and build. This is what we have to do for the kingdom for which we are rulers of by and through the Glory of God.  We have to understand our authority.  We have to understand our leadership.  we have to understand our kingdom authority to be able to really rule. We have to know this beyond measure with every intricate detail so that the adversary will never be able to come in and legally take over our kingdom. we have to understand who we are to that the adversary cannot come in and destroy what belongs to us. It is our responsibility to learn and understand.  This is how other kingdoms were taken over because they did not have understand they did not know what to do and how to defend themselves against the other that would come in and take over. So we have to definitely have to understand our kingdom authority we have to understand who we are and our purpose and our position within the kingdom once we get that understanding we can truly reign and then in that reigning authority we will know how to bring more people unto the Father because it was not the will of God it is not the will of God that any one should parish but the everyone will have everlasting life that was the purpose and the plan of the Father from the beginning. That is the deep understanding we must come into the understanding of.


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