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Have you found your Destiny?

Have you found your destiny?


Many people search all over for an understanding of their destiny and purpose, consistently searching for what they were created to do in this life. Well, I want you to know that you are walking in your destiny right now. If life is really hard and you feel like you made a wrong turn; rest and be assured that you have not made a wrong turn in life.  See, God is allowing your current position to make you. He is forming your destiny right now. Much like a perfect recipe or a perfect football game, you must have all the right ingredients. What you are going through right now is pulling out the best and worst parts of you, so that when you are done the destiny God ordained for you from the begin will in fact be completed. Sometimes we get stuck in the making process and think that this is the best it is going to get. That is not the truth or the heart of God towards you. God is preparing in you a royal status by spiritual standards. You must learn how to become a king or a queen because this is the inheritance you have through Jesus Christ. You must get to the point in this process of believing in your royal status. When you believe it God will move you on in the process and your path to the completion of your destiny will become much clearer. Realize that you are right in the middle of your destiny there are no coincidences. There is purpose for absolutely everything. Begin to seek God through His Word, pray, and have a time of quiet meditation on who you are in Him. In the time that you spend in the presence of the Lord you will begin to see a cultivation of your relationship with the Lord. It is in Him that you will find you are already on your destiny’s journey and you will learn to maximize the experience. You must learn from all that you go through to see how God’s hand has been moving all along in this journey.  You must realize this is your journey now matter what it looks like it is making you. Trust that what you are facing is in fact the salvation birthing process for which you have received an eternal inheritance. Remember, what you are going through is only a process to perfect your spiritual royal status.

Keep pressing forward in God through Jesus Christ.


Thanksgiving……I Love U’s

Thanksgiving…..I Love U’s


Today is thanksgiving….when I woke up this morning I felt the perfection of God’s Love in my heart and soul. It was a whole new facet of God’s love that I was enjoying. I cried out, “I love You God, I love You Jesus. I love You Holy Spirit”. I realized that for months as God has been releasing revelation, God has been trying to show the love that He has for me through the revelations that He has shown me. It is more than revelation; it is more than the small things we ask Him for. It is His Love. He wants us to never ever separate ourselves from His love. His love is unwavering, unconditional and full of bounty (provision). His love spreads over every need, hurt, and disappointment. He will never leave us without that love, for He is that Love. He has vowed to never to leave us nor forsake us and He wants to make sure we hold fast to that same vow towards Him. I finally get it! God does want to give us the World and He already has. We have not realized that we have through Jesus Christ inherited all that we will ever need in the world and more right now. We can only receive it all through faith and in Love. Through the door/portal of faith, in the love of Jesus Christ, in the midst of God’s Glory (who is Jesus) is the Love and compassion. When God blesses us it is with love, compassion, and the desire of our hearts. I felt such a strong pull to share not just thanksgiving but to also spread the unconditional Love of God to family and friends. So, today I wanted to do something a little different. People say often that every day is thanksgiving and I agree, but I also believe that God allowed these times of the year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) for families to stop and say I LOVE YOU! Stop their busy lives and say I love you because…. Today I release my thoughts of ministry, home, transitions and all of my daily meditations to stop and say I Love You. I am not thankful only today, I am in Love. I am in Love because I am in Jesus Christ and He is in me. I am in God who is Love and He is in me. I am in Love and He is in me.

Salvation ~ Are you really saved?

Salvation~ Are you really saved?
John 3:2-5

The time is now to be really sure you understand your position with God. For the unsaved there is a death sentence (Romans 8:1-3). You have already been tried, convicted, and sentenced. You are, in the eyes of the Lord, the walking dead. You have the same eternal sentence as satan. This remains the truth until you accept that Jesus Christ is Lord. Unless you have been broken, emptied, and stripped of all your worldly beliefs. You are not saved. It is only those who choose to have an intimate relationship with God are saved. You must be willing to go through the birthing process of salvation Jesus talked to Nicodemus about. You can be in the church working faithfully and still go to hell (Matthew 7: 21-23). Many are hearing the voice of salvation but few will be chosen (Matthew 22:14). You are not choosing God, He has chosen you (Romans 8:27-29). Many of you believe with all your heart that you are saved. Salvation in the Hebrew “Yeshuah” means deliverance. You must be totally delivered from every single connection to the natural realm in order to have true salvation. Salvation in the Greek means deliverance as well. The bloodshed of Jesus enhanced the meaning of salvation in the New Testament from what it meant in the Old Testament. Salvation or Soteria in Greek means to health and well being. This is not referring to the flesh (John 3:2-5) but the spirit. You must understand that true salvation through Jesus Christ is deliverance form the world system, health in your spirit, soul and body, and wellbeing in the spirit realm. We have been somewhat deceived in our thinking that if you believe in Jesus Christ that is my salvation. That is only the very beginning. It is like conception of a baby.
When a baby is first conceived it is not prepared to talk. You know that you have conceived the baby but the baby is not ready to talk until it has been broken down on the molecular level, shaped, and formed into its human form. When the process of being broken is completed they are emptied out of the womb (comfort zone) into the world. Even though the child starts to speak baby talk soon that is stripped away for a new understanding of communication. It is at this point that he child begins to understand true salvation or deliverance. They become self sufficient or independent in some area to show that they understand your directions of guidance. We must understand that God is Spirit and He deals with us spiritually only. When the time comes for God to receive us unto Himself it will only be the spiritual things that He will accept (Ephesians 1:10) into His Kingdom. No unrighteous, worldly ways will be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. When you accept Jesus as your Savior in the Spirit you have only been conceived you must go through the Spiritual birthing process. In the birthing process you must be broken, emptied, and stripped. This process is only for the chosen, the ones who pursue an intimate relationship with God.

Broken ~ When you are being broken God allows you to be placed in situations that will take you to the edge of yourself. You get to the point in your life that you say “Lord, I cannot do this without you, I yield to your will, not my will Lord but your will be done”. You are no longer interested in conforming to the world’s standard you are after the will of God for your life. You at this point recognize His greatness and you yield. This is the very beginning of your salvation.

Emptied ~ The process of being emptied comes only after you have been broken. God is a God of order and this is the process; there is no way around this process. When you are being emptied all of your old ways, mindsets, habits, and additions are removed by God. You come to the place where you have no desire to associate with people who are not going in the same direction you are. You lose your desire to live the life you where living and begin to seek out the ways of the Lord (Matthews 6:33). When you have been emptied, God begins to pour Himself in you (through the Word). You develop an unquenchable hunger for the Word of God. God begins to slowly reveal revelation of who you are in Him. Many people get to this portion of the process not understanding what God is doing and try to live on the fence. This is not possible with God and unbeneficial to you because you are stuck here. You never advance to the place where God can strip you. You in this place can have the tendency to go back and forth about letting go of some habits, addictions, and old ways that you thought was a part of your character.

Stripped ~ The final part of the salvation birthing process is stripping. This is the part of the process that can literally drive you to God or away from Him. This process strips you from every soul tie to the natural realm. In the natural realm you develop ties to your family, houses, cars, jobs or careers and money. In this process God is allowing the adversary to test you to see who will separate you from the Love of God (Romans 8:35-39). When you have gone through this portion of the birthing process you don’t care if you life in a house or on the street, you still serve God. You can have much or very little and still you will speak the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only at the end of this process you are saved. You are now one of God’s sons. You have been conformed in the likeness of Jesus Christ and you go about doing the will of God. No matter what, you do what you have to tell people about Jesus. You are now in the position of loving God unconditionally just as He Loves you.

Don’t fight the process, go through it for the Glory on the other side cannot be compared to the process you when through to get there. Hold on to God for He knows just where you are. He has not left you alone. Be strengthened in the fact that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of and He will not ever allow you to beg. Take God at His word and remind Him of it. He is faithful to you be faithful to Him in this process. The time is now for you to be sure that you are saved.

Be Blessed.

Double Mindedness

Double Mindedness

Being double minded is having a divided interest. Doubting God’s ability within you to do what He has predestined you to do is an example of being double minded. In the fulfillment of His promise to you, He gives you the authority to command and access all of the heavenly blessing that you inherited through Jesus Christ.

Purify your heart of all spiritual adultery. How have you committed spiritual adultery? Keeping your mind on your finances, your children and their choices, your job, your house and other earthly concerns instead of staying focused on what God has promised to you. Upholding everything in this earthly realm to a higher esteem than heavenly things that are waiting for me to take hold of right now is a form of adultery in the spirit.

Doubt is a fruit of the stronghold spirit of fear. Double mindedness is as a direct result of doubt.  When a person is displaying double mindedness they are in doubt about what they are believing God for. Doubt is the key to double mindedness and fear is the door.

Double mindedness comes when the person has believed for something and they don’t see the hand of God move in their timing.  They begin to take it upon themselves to make the situation work out. Confess your doubt to God as sin and assume the first step conquering doubt and double mindedness.

 A person of true faith must believe even when the circumstances appear to be contrary. You as the believer must see only what faith says and work towards that with action. Whose report will you believe? Will it be the report of your situation or the report of the Lord? The report of the Lord says that He will never leave you or forsake you. The report of the Lord says He will supply all of your needs according to His riches in Glory.  The report of the Lord says that you will never beg for bread.  Immerse yourself in the belief that God knows just where you are and He will show you the way out.

The power to see God’s hand move in your life is within you. Speak to it in absolute authority and see the fruit of your words come to pass.

Abundantly Life in building Kingdom

Christ came to give us life and life more abundantly (John 10:10).  Abundance is immeasurable. He came to give us immeasurable life.  Abundance cannot be measured; there is no increment of time, liquid, solid, force, or space that can measure abundance.  It is plenty, it is more than enough, and it is far beyond.  He did not come that we would be stiff, old, without movement, and without life.  If you don’t have Christ, you don’t have life. There is no life outside of God. You have to understand that He has come to give you life and life more abundantly.  It is not the will of the Lord for us to sit and parish. We have been sitting wait upon Him to do a thing that He has given us power and authority to do.  The Authority is within us. We have to change our mindset and our actions that tell us that abundant life is waiting on God to move. God has said numerous times behold I have given unto you Power. He has given you power and authority to speak those things to deal with the issues of life. Not just the issues in our lives but the issues in the lives of others such as the life of our flock, who is those whom God has assigned to us from the foundation of the earth to encourage righteousness.  Just as God commissioned the disciples, they went out two by two, but they had a flock assigned to them. God strategic planned for each of them to go into a certain region and handle the business of the Kingdom. God wants us to understand our position. What is your position in the Kingdom? Your position in the Kingdom is absolute authority to do what it takes to draw souls.  We need to understand our position in the kingdom. You cannot take your proper position in the Kingdom if you do not understand how the Kingdom works. If we don’t understand what we have dominion over we will not know how to reign appropriately. You will not find in the history of the United States of America a person of foreign nation become president over our nation. It could not be because; we have to understand what we have rule over before we can rule. Neither the US government nor any other country will allowed a person from another country to come and rule over their country.  The foreigner would not understand the culture or how the government is run. Even in the early biblical days no kingdom allowed some foreign person to rule over their kingdoms unless they were over take. You have to know your Kingdom. you have to know what you have rule over and understand it.  A manger, any supervisor or director when they take over another department they have to take the time to get to know their department and how it works in the facility for which they work. Then they should get to know the employees, who they have rule or reign over who they are responsible for authority comes with responsibility.  Authority is not “let me tell you what to do” authority is not only comes with the responsibility to protect it comes with the responsibility to serve, teach, educate and build. This is what we have to do for the kingdom for which we are rulers of by and through the Glory of God.  We have to understand our authority.  We have to understand our leadership.  we have to understand our kingdom authority to be able to really rule. We have to know this beyond measure with every intricate detail so that the adversary will never be able to come in and legally take over our kingdom. we have to understand who we are to that the adversary cannot come in and destroy what belongs to us. It is our responsibility to learn and understand.  This is how other kingdoms were taken over because they did not have understand they did not know what to do and how to defend themselves against the other that would come in and take over. So we have to definitely have to understand our kingdom authority we have to understand who we are and our purpose and our position within the kingdom once we get that understanding we can truly reign and then in that reigning authority we will know how to bring more people unto the Father because it was not the will of God it is not the will of God that any one should parish but the everyone will have everlasting life that was the purpose and the plan of the Father from the beginning. That is the deep understanding we must come into the understanding of.